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10 Best Foods to Stimulate your Metabolism10 Best Foods to Stimulate Your Metabolism

By Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP

Our culture seems to be obsessed with our weight. We all want to be slim, but what about being healthy? Well, I hope we all want that too. If we could manage both, wouldn't that be ideal? The metabolism plays an important part in both of those factors. The metabolism is defined as the sum of the physical and chemical processes that allow foods to be broken down to release the energy that we need for all of our body's processes. It is basically how your body breaks down foods so that you can get the energy you need to do all of your daily activities. Now the speed and efficiency at which the metabolism does this varies by individual. You have probably heard someone who has struggled with their weight say that they have a slow metabolism, and someone who seems to eat constantly and not gain a pound refer to their fast metabolism. A slow metabolism simply means that the foods you eat are being broken down at a slower rate, and less efficiently, causing you to gain weight. More...  

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Muscle Strains and Ligament SprainsMuscle Strains and Ligament Sprains

By Joshua Eha, L.Ac., C.SMA

Sprains and strains occur when the musculoskeletal system is stressed beyond capacity, tearing fibers. A strain indicates a muscle or tendon is torn. A sprain indicates a ligament is torn. Normally, a greater force is required to tear a ligament than a muscle, though sprains and strains often occur simultaneously. More...


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Ask Dr. MaoQ: What remedy do you suggest for sugar addiction and the stress that comes with poor eating habits?

A: I am not sure sugar addiction is physical in nature. As with most addictions, there are often underlying emotional and spiritual situations that cause the initial imbalance leading to addictions. I suggest you seek internally to discover what these issues are and attempt to address them first. Meditation, tai chi, or activities similar to these can help; they will also alleviate anxiety and stress. More...

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