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Home > Education > Theory > Meridian System > Chong Meridian

The Chong Meridian

By Yang, Jwing-Ming

Chong Mai image

A. Course:

Course #1:
(1). Lower abdomen - (2). Emerges along the Path of Qi - (3). Tracks the course of the kidney channel - (4). Ascends through the abdomen - (5). Skirts the navel - (6). Disperses in the chest.

Course #2:
(6). Chest -(7). Ascends across the throat -(8). Face -(9). Nasal cavity. Course #3: (1). Lower abdomen - (10). Below the kidney - (11). Emerges along the Path of Qi - (12). Descends along the medial aspect of the thigh - (13). Popliteal fossa - (14). Medial margin of the tibia and the posterior aspect of the medial malleolus - (15). Bottom of the foot.

Course #4:
(16). Tibia - (17). Toward the lateral margin of the bone - (18). enters the heel - (19). Crosses the tarsal bones of the foot - (20). Big toe.

Course #5:
(21). Pelvic cavity - (22). Enter the spine and circulates through the back.

***This vessel intersects Huiyin (LI-l), Yinjiao (LI-7), Qichong (S-30), Henggu (K-11), Dahe (K-12), Qixue (K-13), Siman (K-14), Zhongzhu (K-15), Huangshu (K-16), Shangqu (K-17), Shiguan (K-18), Yindu (K-19), Tonggu (K-20), and Youmen (K-21).

From the book entitled "Chinese Qigong Massage",
YMAA Publication Center, Jamaica Plain.

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