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State Certification Requirements

Requires an acupuncturist to be licensed, but no CEUs are required:
State *License
Contact Information
CO B; 303-894-7429
CT B; 860-509-8388,
D.C. B; 202-724-4900, 1-888-204-6193
GA B; 404-656-3913
HI B; 808-586-3000
MT   A; 406-841-2364
NY  B    T; 518-474-3817 ext. 100,
OR B; 503-229-5770
PA B; 717-783-4858,
UT B; 801-530-6767
WA   A; 360-236-4865,
WI B; 608-266-2112,
*A - Annual / B - Biennial / T - Triennial

Must submit proof of current active NCCAOM certification as their only CEU requirement:
State *License
Requirements Contact Information
IN   B   317-234-2060,
KY   B CEUs must be in acupuncture or TCM subjects. 502-429-7150,
MN A   Plus 1 hr. of CEU in infection control required annually. 612-617-1230,
MO   B Renewal & requirements are  same as required by NCCAOM. 573-526-1555,
NE   B 50 hours and current, active NCCAOM certification. Patients must have a written MD/DO referral to a L.Ac. 402-471-2115,
NH   B 30 hours OR current, active NCCAOM certification. No practice management hours accepted. 603-271-0853,
NM A   Show proof of NCCAOM certification OR proof of 15 hours of NCCAOM equivalent CEU courses. Additional requirements for doctors licensed at the Extended or Expanded Prescriptive Authority level. 505-476-4630,
OH   B Current active NCCAOM certification in acupuncture must be maintained. Herbal medicine not in scope of practice. Patients must have a written MD/DO referral to a L.Ac. 614-466-3934,
SC   B   803-896-4500,
TN   B   615-532-3202,
VA   B   804-662-9908,
*A - Annual / B - Biennial / T - Triennial

States that have their own CEU requirements:
State *License
Requirements Contact Information
AK   B 15 hours. No practice management hours accepted. 907-465-2695,
AR   B 24 hours. 501-687-1396,
AZ A   15 hours. 602-542-3095,
CA   B 50 hours. CA Acupuncture Board must approve providers and courses. 5 hours must be in Public Health and Safety. No more than 5 hours can be in subject matter "unrelated to clinical matters." 916-445-3021,
FL   B 30 hours total -  Medical Errors, 2hrs; Laws & Rules, 2hrs; Lab Test Findings, 5hrs; Imaging Findings, 3hrs; General Hours, 18hrs 850-245-4586,
IA   B 30 hours. 515-281-6492,
ID A   15 hours. 208-334-3233,
*A - Annual / B - Biennial / T - Triennial

States that allow only MDs, osteopaths or chiropractors practice acupuncture:
Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, *Oklahoma and South Dakota
 * There is no practice act for acupuncturists in Oklahoma. There are no laws that license, regulate, or prohibit acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture is within the scope of a medical doctor without specific training requirements or registration. A chiropractor who practices acupuncture can register with the board. The board accepts and records certification from schools but does not itself certify the practice of acupuncture.

States that have no laws that license, regulate or prohibit acupuncture:
*Oklahoma and **Wyoming
* See above for information on Oklahoma.

** Wyoming has no practice act yet and acupuncture is unregulated at this time, However, there a statute has been introduced to the legislation.

States that allow acupuncturists to practice under the supervision of a MD or osteopath:
Kansas, *Louisiana and *Michigan
* In Louisiana, you can practice as an acupuncture assistant and you must be employed by and work under the physical direction, control and supervision of a physician or an "acupuncturist" (a medical doctor with six months of traditional Chinese acupuncture training) certified by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to practice acupuncture.  

* In Michigan, there is legislation that is pending that will allow an acupuncturist to practice independently (please refer to


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