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California regulator moved to close South Baylo University

The California regulatory agency that oversees all private vocational schools moved to pull South Baylo University’s license to operate. Evidence was provided by a group of whistleblowers who worked in senior administrative positions. Included in the complaint is item #32 which claims ACAOM approved the school to offer an unaccredited BSHS so that students could meet the bachelor degree requirement to enter the Master degree program. Thirty percent of South Baylo students qualified in this way. You can read the complaint at this link:

Fifteen acupuncture schools named in the Gainful Employment (GE) list of schools with failing programs in January 2017

Fifteen acupuncture schools made the final and official Gainful Employment list of schools with failing/zone programs in January 2017.  While many postsecondary programs offer value to students, there are a significant number of career training programs—specifically for-profit programs—that do not provide their graduates with a reasonable return on investment. The GE list indicate that over 800 programs serving hundreds of thousands students fail the Department of Education’s accountability standards with an annual loan payment that is at least greater than 30 percent of discretionary income and greater than 12 percent of total earnings. Ninety-eight percent of these failing GE programs are offered by for-profit institutions. “Too many for-profit colleges have misled students, leaving them unable to find jobs that earn enough to pay off their crushing debt,” said U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. “The Department of Education’s gainful employment rule is critical in holding for-profit schools accountable and we must continue fighting to make sure students come before profits.”

Here are the acupuncture schools listed, among over 800 others in the nation on the GE List.

  • Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami FL
  • American Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Roseville MN
  • American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Houston TX
  • AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin TX
  • Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver CO
  • East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota FL
  • Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica CA
  • Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando FL
  • Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine WI
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego CA (listed twice)
  • Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in Phoenix AZ
  • Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine in Seattle WA
  • Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe NM
  • Texas Health and Science University in Austin TX

You can read more about the federal Gainful Employment program here:


Social Behaviour and Your HealthSocial Behaviour and Your Health

 By Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP

Chinese medicine is not just a physical medicine. Although it does treat the physical body, the body is only one small part of a much larger picture. It is a holistic medicine, taking into account all parts of a person, including the environment in which that person lives. Everything that person experiences has an effect on their health, and so all must be examined when diagnosing and treating disease.

Because Chinese medicine takes so much information into account when diagnosing and treating a patient, it makes the task of the TCM practitioner more difficult, and requires more skill. It also makes the medical system extremely effective and is why it has survived for almost 5000 years. More...  

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What is an Adaptogenic Herb?

What is an Adaptogenic Herb?By Frances Lam, L.Ac.

I love adaptogenic herbs for their unique properties that help soothe the soul while also providing the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity when needed. Adaptogenic herbs work to improve the body’s ability to adapt to stress, giving you energy, yet also allowing for clarity and calmness. More...


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Extract of Polygala tenuifolia (Yuan Zhi) Alleviates Stress-Exacerbated Atopy-Like Skin Dermatitis through the Modulation of Protein Kinase A and p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signaling Pathway

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Hypoglycemic Effects of Trichosanthes kirilowii and its Protein Constituent in Diabetic Mice: the Involvement of Insulin Receptor Pathway

Ask Dr. MaoQ: Is milk thistle effective for treating hepatitis?

A: Milk thistle may be useful as a supportive treatment for chronic hepatitis.

The most important ingredient of milk thistle appears to be silymarin (actually a set of four related substances), which appears to possess a wide variety of liver-protective benefits. It is one of the few herbs that have no real equivalent among standard medications.

In 1986 an oral extract of milk thistle standardized to 70% silymarin content was approved as a treatment for “toxic liver damage; also the supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases and hepatic cirrhosis.”


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