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Myopia (Near-Sightedness)

Key Diagnostic Points:

  • Objects further than 20 ft. from the eye are blurred and cannot be made sharp by accommodation. This is a condition in which images are brought into focus in front of the retina.
  • Acupuncture therapy is effective in treating non-congenital myopia in the early stages.

Differential Diagnosis:

  • Impairment of the Liver and Kidney
  • Deficiency of Liver Blood and Kidney Jing lack the ability to nourish the eyes.

Treatment Principle:

Tonify Liver and Kidney, brighten the eyes.

Point and Technique Prescription:

UB 1 It is not advisable to twirl or lift and thrust the needle. For insertion into UB 1, gently push the eyeball to the lateral side and, holding it in place, puncture 0.5 cun perpendicularly and slowly.

UB 2 (even)

St 1 Gently push the eyeball upward and puncture 0.5 cun perpendicularly and slowly along the infraorbital ridge.

Local points.
They regulate the Qi and blood around the eyes.

Qiu Hou, Extra point located at the junction of the lateral fourth and medial three fourths of the infraorbital border. (Just lateral to Stomach 1)

GB 20 (even) Crossing point of the hand and foot Shao Yang and Yang Wei channels, activates the Qi and Blood circulation in the channels and collaterals, brightening the eyes. Needle toward eyes.

Lu 7 (reinforce)
Kid 6 (reinforce)
A pair of the eight confluent points, nourishing the yin. Lung 7 is the confluent point for the "Sea of Yin Channels." Kidney 6 is the confluent point for the Yin Qiao channel. It's at the beginning of the Yin Qiao channel. Kidney water serves as the source (i.e. "sea") for the Yin Qiao channel. Yin Qiao channel not only controls the yin of the whole body, but also controls the opening and closing of the eyelids, nourishing the eyes.

Zhao Hai has two meanings: 1) "Obvious Sea" suggesting that the Kidney water is very obvious in this point. Like looking at the sea. 2) "Shining Sea" because of Kidney 6's locations next to "Blazing Valley" (Kidney 2), the fire point on the Kidney channel. The brightness of the fire shining on the water gives Kidney 6 it's second meaning of "Shining Sea."

Liver 3 (reinforce)
GB 37 (even) Myopia is a channel disease. Luo/Yuan are effective on channel diseases.

The Yuan source point of the Liver channel combined with the Luo connecting point of the GB channel. Liver opens to the eyes, the liver and GB are connected here to form their interior/exterior relationship.

UB 18 (reinforce) Tonifies Liver
UB 23 (reinforce) Tonifies Kidney
The root of pediatric myopia is Liver Blood and Kidney Jing Deficiency.

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