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Home > Education > Acupuncture Point Location > Urinary Bladder Meridian > UB 67

Urinary Bladder 67

Chinese Name: Zhiyin (English translation: Reaching Yin)

Location: On the lateral side of the end of the small toe, .1 cun from the corner of the nail.

Classification: Jing-Well point of the Urinary Bladder Meridian


  • Malposition of fetus, difficult labor
  • Headache, eye pain, nasal congestion, epistaxis

Functions: Eliminates Wind, clears the head and eyes, turns the fetus and helps labor.

Notes: UB 67 is the point to turn the fetus. Because this point is the place where the UB meridian and Kidney meridian connect, it can regulate the Kidney and tonify Qi. If the Kidney Qi is not sufficient, it is difficult to maintain the fetus in the correct position. The deficiency of Kidney Qi also causes lack of strength, making the labor difficult. UB 67 regulates and tonifies Kidney Qi. Jing-Well points are where the qi bubbles up. Jing-Well points are indicated to revive consciousness. Jing-Well points are known to treat fullness below the Heart and clear Heat.

Needling: Superficial insertion .1. Use moxibustion for malposition of fetus.

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