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Home > Education > Theory > Local & Distal Points / Symptoms

Symptoms Matched up with Local and Distal Points

By Dr. Ma

Symptoms Points
Fever Du 14, L.I. 4, L.I. 11, Shi Xuan points, the twelve Jing-well points, Er Jian
Coma or fainting Du 26, (all ten) Shi Xuan points, the twelve Jing-well points, Kid 1
Loss of consiousness due to exhaustion or shock Du 20, Ren 4, Ren 8 (moxa), St 36
Spontaneous sweating L.I. 4
Night sweating SI 3, Ht 6, Kid 7
Insomnia Du 24, GB 13, Si Shen Kong, Ht 7, Sp 6, Kid 6
Excessive dreaming Ht 7, UB 15, Liv 3, GB 44
Hoarse voice L.I. 18, L.I. 4, Pc 5
Lockjaw St 6, St 7, L.I. 4
Stiff tongue Du 15, Ren 23, Ht 5
Sore Throat L.I. 4, Lu 11, L.I. 1, L.I. 18
Salivation Du 26, St 6, L.I. 4
Palpitations Pc 4, Pc 6
Chest pain Ren 17, Pc 4, Pc 6
Cough/Asthma Lu 7, Ren 22, Ding Chuan, UB 13
Fullness in Chest Pc 6, Ren 12, Ren 17
Dysphagia Ren 22, Pc 6
Nausea/Vomiting Pc 6, St 36
Hiccough Pc 6, Pc 8, UB 2, UB 17
Abdominal Distension St 25, Ren 12, Ren 6, Pc 6, St 36
Hypochondriac pain SJ 6, GB 34
Indigestion St 36, Sp 4
Malnutrition or indigestion in children Si Feng
Insufficient lactation SI 1, St 18
Hypertension St 9
Ben Lou Syndrome Sp 1, Sp 8, Liv 6
Itching of the external genitalia Liv 5
Spermatorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation Ren 4, Sp 6
Constipation St 25, Ren 6, Ren 12, SJ 6, Kid 6
Rectal prolapse Du 1, UB 57, Du 20
Spasm of gastrocnemius muscle UB 57, GB 34
Itching Sp 10, L.I. 11, Sp 6
General weakness Ren 4, St 36, Du 4, Ren 6, UB 23
Convulsions L.I. 4, Liv 3
Epistaxis Du 23, L.I. 4, Lu 6
Diarrhea St 25, Sp 9, St 36, Ren 8 (moxa)


Du 14 is the crossing point of the Du and six Yang channels.
L.I. 4, L.I. 11
The He-sea and Yuan-source point of hand Yang Ming channels. In the Yang Ming channel, Yang Qi develops to its final stages ("The Bright Yang") Tai Yang is greater Yang, Yang Qi is vigorous; Shao Yang is lesser Yang where the Yang Qi is weak. At the He-sea point and Yuan-source points, the Jing QI is lively and at L.I. 4 and L.I. 11, the Yang Qi is liveliest.


Du 26:
Ren Zhong (Human Center or Person's Center). The three components of the Chinese universe are Heaven, humanity, and Earth. The nose receives the five Qi from Heaven. The mouth receives the five tastes from Earth. Located between the nose and the mouth, Du 26 can thus be likened unto humankind positioned in the center, between Heaven and Earth. So, Du 26 is called Human Center. It can connect Heaven's Qi and Earth's Qi. The Du channel supervises all the Yang channels of the body just as Heaven supervises the Yang of the universe. The Ren channel takes charge of all the Yin channels of the body. Located between the Du and Ren Channels, Du 26 can regulate Yin and Yang. Coma is considered the prelude to the final separation of Yin and Yang. Additionally, the Du channel enters the brain, which is obviously an important component in the coma state.

Shi Xuan points and the twelve Jing-well points: The Yin channels link with the Yang channels at the twelve Jing-well points. Shi Xuan is located on the tips of the ten fingers, so Shi Xuan points along with the twelve Jing-well points can regulate Yin and Yang thus resuscitating the depleted Yang and rescuing the patient from danger.


1) Heat
2) Wei Yang deficiency: L.I. 4 is the Yuan-source point of the yang Ming channel. It can tonify the Yang.

Night Sweats: (Yin deficiency)

Kidney 7: Jing-river (metal) point of the Kidney (water) channel. Tonifying the mother point for Kidney Yin deficiency.
SI 3: The Shu-stream point of the Small Intestine channel belongs to wood. Sweat is the fluid of the Heart. Tonifying the mother point (wood) of the Heart's (fire) paired channel (S.I.) serves to tonify Heart Yin. Heart 6 is the Xi-cleft point on the Heart channel which will stop bleeding and sweating. Blood and sweat both come from the Heart.

Stiff Tongue:

Du 15, Ren 23:
These two points connect to the root of the tongue. Du 15 is called "Mute's Gate." Heart 5 is the Luo-connecting point of the Heart channel to treat tongue disease. The Heart open into the tongue.

Insufficient Lactation:

S.I. 1: The Small Intestine channel is used for "Ye" (thick fluid) diseases. S.I. 1 is the Jing-well (metal) point for "Ye" deficiency (water) Tonifies metal.


St 9: Needled Deep, the needle will effect the cervical arterial bulbus which is a part of the coratid artery that monitors and adjusts the blood pressure. Needle even deeper, the acupuncture will effect the sympathetic trunk in such as way that will lower blood pressure.


SJ 6: When constipation is a disorder of Qi, the San Jiao channel is employed for Qi problems in the Zang Fu, especially the inability of the raising of the refined substances and eliminating the "heavy evil."

General Weakness

Ren 6, St 36, for general weakness. Ren 4 tonifies Yuan source Qi, and Stomach 36 tonifies digestive function hence increasing Gu Qi. Du 4 and Ren 4 tonify Ming Men fire, UB 23 tonifies Kidneys.

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