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Home > Education > Zang Fu Formulas > Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan

Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan

From "Zang Fu Syndromes," by McDonald and Penner

English: Prepared Aconite Pill to Regulate the Middle

Also known as: Aconite, Ginseng and Ginger Combination

    Latin Pinyin Dosage Actions
    Rz. Zingiberis


    Gan Jiang 3-9g Warms SP / ST and eliminates interior Cold.

    With Gan Cao, for vomiting and epigastric pain due to SP / ST Xu Cold.

    With Bai Zhu, for diarrhea due to SP Xu.

    Rx. Ginseng Ren Shen 3-15g Tonifies Yuan Qi, reinforces Yang and harmonizes MJ.
    Rz. Atractylodis Albae Bai Zhu 3-9g Tonifies SP, tonifies Qi and dries Dampness.

    With Ren Shen, tonifies SP / ST and dries Dampness.

    Rx. Aconiti Praeparata Fu Zi .5-6g Restores KI and HT Yang, relieves pain, disperses Cold, dispels Dampness and warms SP.

    With Gan Jiang, warms SP and KI Yang and disperses Cold. With Bai Zhu and Gan Jiang, for Cold abdominal pain with watery diarrhea.

    Rx. Glycyrrhizae (fried) Zhi Gan Cao 3-6g Tonifies Qi of MJ and harmonizes.

Warms Yang, Dispels Cold, Tonifies Qi and Strengthens SP.


    Colon Cold (Pathology addressed in another chapter)
    SP Yang Xu
    SP / ST Xu Cold
    ST Cold
    SP and KI Yang Xu
    Tai Yin Xu with Cold (Shang Han Lun pathology not addressed here)

Clinical Manifestations
    Severe abdominal and epigastric pain (likes pressure)

    Diarrhea with undigested food

    Cold and stiff or rigid extremities

    Fullness in the epigastrium and abdomen (likes pressure)

    Nausea / vomiting


    Cold body

    Aversion to Cold

    Reduced appetite

    Lack of thirst

    Loose stools

    Constipation (Cold type)

    Gastric spasms

    T: Pale and maybe moist Mild perspiration
    C: White Maybe syncope
    P: Deep, minute and slow

    Acute or chronic gastritis



    Chronic colitis

    Chronic oral ulcers due to SP / ST Xu Cold

    Nervous vomiting in children


    Acute and chronic gastroenteritis

    Gastric or duodenal ulcers

    Irritable bowel syndrome


    Toxemia during pregnancy


    Constipation (Cold type)


    External invasion with fever.

    Sudden turmoil disorder - stop when diarrhea and vomiting have stopped.

    Yin Xu.

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