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Home > Education > Zang Fu > Edema Index > Spleen Qi Deficiency Edema

Spleen Qi Xu Edema

From "Zang Fu Syndromes," by McDonald and Penner


SP Qi Xu or SP Yang Xu leads to poor transformation and transportation of Fluids, causing edema.

Clinical Manifestations
Edema in limbs, especially lower limbs Physical and mental fatigue
Maybe anasarca Loose stools
Maybe abdominal distention  

T: Pale
C: White and moist
P: Soft and even


Spleen Xu Edema frequently co-exists with KI Yang Xu which also contributes to the edema. This is usually called SP and KI Yang Xu or Yin edema.

Associated Western Conditions
Acute or chronic glomerulonephritis 
Differential Diagnosis

The possible involvement of KI Yang Xu with SP Yang Xu can be determined by KI signs and symptoms such as lumbago. Yin edema may be differentiated from Yang edema by the pattern of onset. Yin edema has an insidious onset and usually swelling begins in the ankles or feet.

Yang edema has abrupt onset beginning with facial edema and puffiness around the eyes (Yang edema is due to blockage of LU Qi which is responsible for circulation of Fluids in the upper body downwards to UB).

Treatment Principle

Warm Yang, Strengthen SP, Benefit Qi and Move water.

Common Acupuncture Points
SP-6 / Sanyinjiao Needling with reducing technique in combination with SP-9 / Yinlingquan has a diuretic action.
SP-9 / Yinlingquan Needling with reducing technique in combination with SP-6 / Sanyinjiao has a diuretic action.
REN-9 / Shuifen Moxa with reducing needle technique has diuretic action.
UB-20 / Pishu With moxa on UB-23 / Shenshu, for diuresis.
UB-23 / Shenshu With moxa on UB-20 / Pishu, for diuresis.
UB-22 / Sanjiaoshu Back-Shu point for SJ: regulates the transforming function of Qi and regulates water passages - for edema and abdominal distention.
ST-28 / Shuidao Benefits UB: used more for Damp-Heat obstructing urination, but can be used for edema.
ST-36 / Zusanli Strengthens transforming and transporting functions of SP: for edema of limbs.
REN-6 / Qihai Regulates Qi functions, Dispels Dampness and reinforces Qi: more for KI Xu than SP Xu but good for edema.
Common Herbal Formulae

Shi Pi Yin / Bolster the Spleen Decoction


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