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Home > Education > Zang Fu > Stomach Blood Stagnation

Blood Stagnation in the Stomach

From "Zang Fu Syndromes," by McDonald and Penner


Qi Stagnation.

Qi Xu fails to circulate Blood vigorously which leads to Blood Stagnation.

Chronic intractable pain leads to Stagnation.

Clinical Manifestations
Sharp, stabbing epigastric pain with fixed location Pain predominates over distention or
Pain is severe after eating Pain but no distention
Dislike of pressure and heat on epigastrium Loose stools
Epigastric rumbling Vomiting purple / black blood Stools with blood like tar (melaena)
May be abdominal or epigastric lumps or masses

T: Dark purple with purple spots or dots
C: White
P: Wiry and choppy

Associated Western Conditions
Gastric ulcer (hemorrhaging) Gastric carcinoma
Differential Diagnosis

Blood Stagnation in ST may be identified as a Shi condition by the dislike of pressure on the epigastrium and the adverse reaction to eating.

Differentiation of Shi ST conditions with vomiting and epigastric pain is as follows:

Food Stagnation

Blood Stagnation

Stomach Fire Blazing
Vomits acid and partly decomposed food
Better after vomiting
Distention prominent
Pain with distention
Unformed stools or
T: Pink
C: Thick and greasy
P: Slippery
Vomits purple / black blood
Mild or no distention
Sharp, fixed pain
Melaena (stools with blood like tar)
T: Dark purple with purple spots
P: Wiry and choppy
No vomiting or
Vomits acid or undigested food
No distention
Burning with pain
T: Red
C: Thick, yellow and dry
P: Slippery, big, Shi and rapid
Treatment Principle

Adjust Qi, Transform Stagnation and Stop Pain.

Common Acupuncture Points

ST-21 / Liangmen Local point for pain.

ST-34 / Liangqiu Xi-Cleft point of the ST channel: for epigastric pain.

To Transform Blood Stagnation and Invigorate Blood circulation:

UB-17 / Geshu Meeting point for Blood: transforms stagnant Blood.

SP-6 / Sanyinjiao Invigorates circulation of Qi and Blood.

SP-4 / Gongsun Regulates Chong Mai ("Sea of Blood")


ST. SP-10 / Xuehai Harmonizes Ying Qi, and regulates and clears Blood.

Sample formula: for epigastric pain due to Blood Stagnation:

PC-6 / Neiguan

ST-36 / Zusanli

UB-17 / Geshu

SP-6 / Sanyinjiao

SP-4 / Gongsun (from "Acupuncture: a Comprehensive Text")

Common Herbal Formulae

Dan Shen Yin plus / Decoction of Salvia Root with additions

Shi Xiao San plus / Sudden Smile Powder with additions

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