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Home > Education > Zang Fu > Stomach Cold

Stomach Cold

From "Zang Fu Syndromes," by McDonald and Penner

Stomach Cold includes:

Cold Penetrates ST and Intestines

ST Xu with Stagnation of Cold

Retention of Fluid in ST due to Cold ST (and SP)

Xu Cold (discussed separately)


ST Yang Xu.

Unrestrained diet.

Excessive cold, raw food and drink.

Direct attack by External Cold.

Clinical Manifestations

General signs and symptoms:

Epigastrium cold with pain

Mild cases:

Constant pain

Severe cases:

Sudden bouts of sharp pain

Pain is aggravated by Cold and relieved by warmth and hot drinks

Cold hands and feet

Cold Penetrates ST and Intestines:

Pain is sudden and sharp

Pain relieved by warmth


Diarrhea, loose stools

T: Pink

C: White

P: Deep and tight

Retention of Fluid in ST due to Cold:

Pain is dull

Pain relieved by warmth

Succussion sound in epigastrium on palpation

Vomiting of clear, watery fluid

T: Pink

C: White and sticky

P: Thready or Thready and slow

ST Xu with Stagnation of Cold:

Pain is dull

Pain is relieved by warmth and pressure

Vomiting clear, watery fluid

T: Pale

C: Thin and white

P: Deep and slow or Deep and thready

Associated Western Conditions
Gastroptosis (Retention of Fluid in ST due to Cold) Pyloric obstruction
Chronic gastritis Gastric or duodenal ulcer
Differential Diagnosis

    Differential diagnosis of ST Cold in its various forms differs substantially between different authors. See above under "clinical manifestations".

Treatment Principle

    Warm ST and Warm Cold.

Common Acupuncture Points

REN-12 / Zhongwan Front-Mu point for ST.

UB-21 / Weishu Back-Shu point for ST.

ST-36 / Zusanli He-Sea point of the ST channel.

PC-6 / Neiguan Master point for Yinwei Mai: regulates MJ, stops vomiting and relieves pain.

SP-4 / Gongsun Master point for Chong Mai: for epigastric fullness and pain. Combining PC-6 / Neiguan and SP-4 / Gongsun is combining Yinwei Mai and Chong Mai.

UB-20 / Pishu Back-Shu point for SP.

REN-6 / Qihai Moxibustion on ginger slice to dispel Cold.

ST-21 / Liangmen Promotes function of ST and SP.

Moxibustion is much used in this condition.

Common Herbal Formulae

Severe cases:

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang plus Liang Fu Wan / Saussurea, Cardamon and the Six Gentleman Decoction plus Pills of Galanga and Cyperus

External Cold attack:

Li Zhong Tang / Regulate the Center Decoction


Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan / Prepared Aconite Pill to Regulate the Middle

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