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Home > Education > Zang Fu > Stomach Fire

Stomach Fire

From "Zang Fu Syndromes," by McDonald and Penner


    Emotions stagnate and transform into Fire (sometimes called LIV Fire Attacks ST).

    Excessive hot (spicy) food or rich food generate Heat in ST.

    External Perverse Heat penetrates ST.

Clinical Manifestations
Burning Heat and pain in the epigastrium Toothache
Irritating thirst: drinks copious fluids and prefers cold drinks Maybe vomiting right after eating
Excessive appetite: hungry again quickly after eating (as if food vanishes) Vomiting acid or undigested food
Swelling, pain, ulceration and bleeding of gums Constipation
Foul breath Maybe scanty, red urine

T: Red
C: Thick, yellow and dry
P: Slippery, big, Shi and rapid


    ST Fire Blazing may affect HT, leading to HT Fire Flaring Up (note that emotions, hot food and External Perverse Heat are common to the etiology of both conditions).

    ST Fire Blazing may eventually damage ST Yin causing ST Yin Xu.

    ST Fire Blazing will usually penetrate the Colon, causing Shi Heat in the Colon.

Associated Western Conditions
Chronic gastritis Gingivitis
Diabetes mellitus Periodontitis
  Mouth ulcers
Differential Diagnosis

ST Fire Blazing may be differentiated from ST Yin Xu by the following:

ST Yin Xu:
ST Fire Blazing:
Vague epigastric pain Epigastric burning, heat and pain
Dry mouth but no thirst Great thirst for cold drinks
No appetite or Famished with no desire to eat Hungers easily and eats a lot
Dry retching Vomiting sour fluid
T: Red Gingivitis, bad breath
C: Little and dry T: Red
P: Thready and rapid C: Thick, yellow and dry
  P: Slippery, big, Shi and rapid
Treatment Principle

    Clear and Purge ST Fire.

Common Acupuncture Points

    ST-44 / Neiting Ying-Spring point of the ST channel: cools and drains Heat from ST.

    UB-21 / Weishu Back-Shu point for ST.

    ST-36 / Zusanli He-Sea point of the ST channel.

    PC-8 / Laogong Clears HT and Sedates Heat: for bad breath and mouth ulcers.

    PC-6 / Neiguan Regulates MJ, stops vomiting and relieves pain.

    LI-4 / Hegu For facial symptoms and constipation.

    LI-11 / Quchi With ST-44 / Neiting cools ST and Intestines.

    ST-6 / Jiache Clears Heat from Yang Ming: for mouth ulcers, gingivitis and other local Heat signs in the ST channel.

    ST-45 / Lidui Clears Heat from Yang Ming: for gingivitis and indigestion.

    ST-34 / Liangqiu Xi-Cleft point of the ST channel: for epigastric pain.

    ST-43 / Xiangu Sometimes used with ST-44 / Neiting to clear Heat from ST.

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