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Home > Education > Zang Fu > Stomach Yin Deficiency

Stomach Yin Xu  - (deficiency)

From "Zang Fu Syndromes," by McDonald and Penner


    External Perverse Heat that has not been cleared from ST damages ST Yin.

    Chronic disease damages ST Yin. Excessive or prolonged vomiting damages ST Yin.

    SP and ST Damp-Heat damage ST Yin.

Clinical Manifestations

Symptoms especially evident upon waking:

Vague epigastric pain
Mouth and throat dry but with no desire to drink

Symptoms evident at any time:

No appetite or Irritability with low grade fever
Famished but with no desire to eat Maybe dry retching or
Abdominal distention after meals Hiccoughs
Dry stools

T: Red
C: Little and dry
P: Thready and rapid


    ST Yin Xu frequently occurs with SP Yin Xu, especially after prolonged vomiting with diarrhea, because vomiting depletes ST Fluids while diarrhea drains SP Fluids.

Associated Western Conditions
Chronic gastritis Convalescent stage of
a febrile disease
Diabetes mellitus Gastric neurosis
Differential Diagnosis

ST Yin Xu and SP Yin Xu are very similar. When SP Yin Xu occurs together with ST Yin Xu there is:

  • Famished but with no desire to eat
  • Emaciation
  • Fatigue and physical weakness

These symptoms occur because SP rules the flesh (emaciation), the four limbs (fatigue and weakness) and appetite (no desire to eat).

If SP Yin Xu occurs with no involvement of ST Yin Xu, there is no dry retching, hiccoughs (ST Qi Contravention) or epigastric pain (ST pain).

ST Yin Xu may be differentiated from ST Fire Blazing by the following:

ST Yin Xu: ST Fire Blazing:
Vague epigastric pain
Dry mouth but no thirst
No appetite or
Famished with no desire to eat
Dry retching
T: Red
C: Little and dry
P: Thready and rapid
Epigastric burning heat and pain
Great thirst for cold drinks
Hungers easily and eats a lot
Vomiting sour fluid
Gingivitis, bad breath
T: Red
C: Thick, yellow and dry
P: Slippery, big, Shi and rapid
Treatment Principle

    Nourish Yin and Nourish ST.

Common Acupuncture Points

    UB-21 / Weishu Back-Shu point for ST.

    REN-12 / Zhongwan Front-Mu point for ST.

    KI-3 / Taixi Yuan-Source point of the KI channel: reinforces KI Yin which is the source of all Yin of the body - for dry mouth.

    SP-6 / Sanyinjiao Meeting point of the Three Leg Yin channels.

    ST-36 / Zusanli He-Sea point of the ST channel: regulates SP / ST.

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