Abdominal Massage Removes Toxins from Body and Soothes Pain

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

One of the most effective treatments for a variety of pains and problems is the abdominal massage, according to Oriental Medicine. The following example illustrates just how effective it can be:

A woman who suffered extreme pain in her neck, shoulders, arms and legs once came to see me. She said doctors at the hospitals she went to were unable to give her a clear diagnosis of what was causing her to have these great pains. After many examinations by a procession of doctors, she was told that there was nothing wrong with her that could produce such serious aches and pains. She had suffered this agony for over ten years.

During my diagnosis, I found that her stomach and small and large intestines were all dysfunctional, due to an excess of what Korean doctors of Oriental Medicine (OMDs) call "dahm," or toxins, and other waste materials which accumulate in the abdominal region and fail to be properly eliminated.

Normally, the excessive production of "dahm" is due entirely to poor dietary habits, especially the almost exclusive consumption of cooked, unnatural and processed foods. As excess of "dahm" directly causes or contributes to a variety of health problems - including fatigue, distress and chronic constipation. Removing it from the body is very important to keep the body healthy and strong. Doing abdomen massages is considered by OMDs to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate excess "dahm" and strengthen the stomach and intestines.

I advised the woman to find sore and tender spots on her abdomen and massage and press on them for 20 minutes twice a day, never skipping a day. To her surprise, two weeks after she began massaging her abdomen, over 80% of the pain had disappeared or been greatly reduced.

If pain is primarily felt between the navel and the sternum, you probably have a stomach dysfunction. If you feel pain near the navel it means your small and large intestines are most likely not functioning properly.

There are two basic postures that should be held when massaging - lying down and sitting. The first involves simply lying down on the floor or a firm mattress. Do not forget to bend your knees toward the chest in order to ease the tension of the abdomen and reduce the pain while pressing on the tender spots. This position is perfect for when you have someone who can do the massaging for you and is also the best position for beginners.

When first starting the abdominal massages, it is advised that you press the painful spots very slowly otherwise you may cause yourself more pain. Massage the sore spots gently and slowly with your hands for the first few minutes and then gradually press harder using the fingertips. Massage in a small circular motion and then rapidly move your fingers up and down and back and forth, almost making the stomach shake.

After you feel fairly proficient at this and want to step up the effect, switch from the lying down posture to the sitting posture. When holding the sitting posture, sit cross-legged in the "lotus" position or on a chair or firm stool, with thighs parallel to the ground and calves perpendicular. For optimum effectiveness, bend forward and press the abdomen hard and deeply with the fingers in order to reach the deepest part of the abdomen, if it doesn't hurt too much. Make sure you continue pressing and massaging for at least 20-30 minutes twice a day.

Some studies show that women are more likely to have aches and pains in the area right below the navel while men have soreness right next to it.

It is best to do one massage in the morning, drinking a couple of cups of mineral water before doing so. If you are too busy in the morning, do it at night, whenever you have a chance to sit or to lie down. Even two weeks of massaging can make all the difference.

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine.

Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine is one of the largest integrative medical facility with 10 medical practitioners and it is a branch medical office of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, which is the largest oriental medical hospital specializing in non surgical treatment of spine and joint condition. Please visit our website for more info at www.jasengusa.com or www.jaseng.net

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