Help your Cold with Healthful Herbal Teas

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

An increasing number of households are enjoying healthy teas prepared with herbal medicine ingredients in their homes. Thanks to this phenomenon, common household teas are being replaced by teas made from Solomon's seals, citrons, and orange peels.

The fragrant hands of a person serving tea made of minced, well-ripened citrons pressed in sugar or honey is quite common in Korea. Citron and orange peel teas are health beverages often enjoyed by people in winter and spring, a time when fluctuating temperatures make one's body susceptible to colds.

Besides being delicious, citron and orange peel tea, if used properly, can also be curative beverages used to beat back colds in the wintertime.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when we encounter a difficult situation, we usually say that our ‘energy got blocked.’ This means that the energy that normally circulates smoothly throughout the body was blocked due to a sudden change in feelings or emotions. Those with yin constitutions are more likely to experience such energy blockages.

Yin constitutions with thin bodies and chilly insides are prone to depression as they are usually introspective and unable to express their feelings. This depression, or 'melan cholia', blocks the normal immune function. Thus, coughs and colds may arise. Even those yin people not afflicted with depression may find it difficult to shake off a cold as coughing may persist for some time.

Those of yin constitutions will find effective relief for their coughs and colds with a decoction of orange peels. This is because those of yin constitutions and the energy of the orange peel tea mix well with each other. The tea has an effect of unclogging what has been blocking their energy.

On the other hand citron tea is more effective for preventing colds in the winter. But for people with 'greater yin' constitutions with full, slightly obese bodies, potbellies, and poor circulation, roasted ginkgo nuts are better.

Ginkgo nuts enlarge the bronchial tubes and help to remove inflammation. In particular, heavy smokers who cough a lot will feel their bronchial tubes open up almost immediately when they drink a liter of water brewed with 20 ginkgo nuts in a kettle.

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine.

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