Carrots Can Strengthen Your Virility

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

There is a saying that goes “use a carrot instead of a whip.”

The carrot must have some effective value considering even recalcitrant horses and mules become obedient when they are given carrots. If they are yang animals, why do they prefer yang food? Donkeys and mules enjoy carrots most because they are yin-dominated. A prime example is when these animals would come by a carrot field and not move on until they receive carrots from their masters.

The carrot has a reddish root. Red symbolizes virility in Oriental medicine. The carrot is recognized to help recover virility to such an extent that it is occasionally used as a lesser substitute for ginseng. There are historical records indicating that carrots were used as a substitute for ginseng in Japan when ginseng was scarce.

The carrot has warm energy properties beneficial for those with yin or cold constitutions, digestive problems, asthma, ulcers, and acne. Carrots also help the mucous membranes of one's respiratory and digestive organs grow. A carrot's warming abilities also improves the speed of blood circulation.

If you apply a poultice of grated frozen carrots and flour to a frostbitten foot, you will notice quick healing and pain relief. This is due to the warm energy properties inherent in the carrots causing quick circulation of the blood around the frostbitten area, repairing the damaged tissue and skin in less time.

When you cut or grate carrots, the carotene in them oxidizes rapidly. Thus, when you prepare a dish requiring carrots, it is best to add them last so they retain firmness and nutritional value.

Alternative medical advocates in the United States outdo Oriental medical doctors by claiming carrot juice is a cure for various kinds of ulcerous diseases and cancer as well. Those of the ‘lesser yin’ and the ‘greater yin’ constitutions suffering from chronic slow, chilly insides and inflammatory diseases such as gastritis, ulcers and colitis, can improve the health of their digestive organs greatly with just a glass of carrot juice in the morning and at night. This keeps the insides and intestines warm and flowing smoothly in harmony.

It's clear that we can learn a thing or two from horses, mules, and rabbits.

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine.

Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine is one of the largest integrative medical facility with 10 medical practitioners and it is a branch medical office of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, which is the largest oriental medical hospital specializing in non surgical treatment of spine and joint condition. Please visit our website for more info at or

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