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Articles in newsletters

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine ArticlesAcupuncture - "Acupuncture: Rediscovering an Ancient Art"
Acutonics - "Integrating Sound Healing into Your Acupuncture Practice"
Addiction - "Acupuncture Treatment for Substance Abuse"
Addiction - "Treatment of Withdrawal Symptoms With Acupuncture"
Allergies - "Allergic Rhinitis from a TCM Perspective"
Allergies - "Spring Allergies"
Alzheimer's -
"Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders"
Animal Health - "Holistic Veterinarians"
Arthritis - "Ancient Chinese Remedies for Arthritis"
Asthma - "Asthma and Chinese Medicine"
Back Pain - "How to Care for Your Back"
Bell's Palsy -
"Bell's Palsy"
Bodywork - "Frequently Asked Questions About Bodywork"
Book Review - "A Qin Bowei Anthology and Analysis of Liver Qi"
Book Review - "Ear Acupuncture Handy Reference For French Method"
Book Review - "The Everything Tai Chi and Qigong Book"
Book Review - " Revealing the Tao Te Ching - (In-depth commentaries on an ancient classic)"
Brain Fog - "Brain Fog - The Fog that Never Lifts"
Brain Tumor - "A Healing Story"
Cancer - "Acupuncture for Cancer - Integrating Eastern with Western Medicine"
Cancer - "Chinese Medicine as an Adjunctive Therapy for Cancer Treatment"
Cancer - "List of Cancer-Causing Agents Grows"
Cancer - "New Breast Cancer Site Combines Both Medical and Alternative Treatment"
Cancer - "Preventing Breast Cancer"
Chinese Medicine -
"Balance in Change"
Chinese Medicine - "Being Green"
Chinese Medicine -
"A Conversation with Dr. Maoshing Ni About the Secrets of Longevity"
Chinese Medicine - "Chinese Face Reading for the Single Girl"
Chinese Medicine - "Dampness and the Circle of Wellness"
Chinese Medicine - "Enjoy the Energy of Fall"
Chinese Medicine - "A Few Secrets of Longevity"
Chinese Medicine - "From An Eastern Perspective"
Chinese Medicine - "Qi is Everything - Everything is Energy - Qi is Energy"
Chinese Medicine - "Qi Soup for the TCM Soul"
Chinese Medicine - "Season Points"
Chinese Medicine - "So You've Decided to Become an Acupuncturist…"
Chinese Medicine - "Subway System or Meridian System"
Chinese Medicine - "The Tao of Love Making"
Chinese Medicine - "Your Health in the New Year"
Chinese Medicine - "Zangfu Theory and Cellular Memory"
Cholesterol - "Top 5 Foods for Lowering Cholesterol"
Colds/Flu -
"Fight the Flu This Season"
Colds/Flu - "What Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Do For You During The Flu Season?"
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - "Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Acupuncture: Let the Energy Flow"
Crohn's Disease - "Controlling Crohn’s Disease and Colitis with TCM"
Diabetes - "Analysis of Determining Treatment Based on Pattern Types of 201 Cases of Type 2 Diabetes"
Dentistry - "Visit the Dentist - Have an Acupuncture Treatment"
Diabetes - "Syndrome X, Diabetes and Chinese Medicine"
Diabetes -
"Kick the Sugar Habit and Save Yourself from Diabetes with Chinese Medicine"
Detoxification - "Why You Need to Spring Clean Your Body!" - (for Toxins, see below)
Ear Infection - "TCM and Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media)"
Ephedra - "Pros and Cons of the Ephedra Ban"
Eye Health - "Classical Chinese Ophthalmology"
Eye Health - "Special Exercises for Eye Disorders"
Facial Acupuncture - "Acupuncture Face-Lift"
Facial Acupuncture - "The Acupuncture Facelift: Fact or Fiction?"
Fertility - "Enhancing Fertility with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine"
Fertility - "Ten Healthy Eating Habits for Better Fertility"
Fibroids - "Help for Women with Fibroids"
Fibromyalgia - "Chinese Medicine Offers Relief for Fibromyalgia "
First Aid -  "Little Secrets in the Kitchen"
Gastrointestinal -
Happy Chinese New Year - "Year of the Black Sheep"
Happy Chinese New Year - "Year of the Dog"
Happy Chinese New Year - "Year of the Monkey"
Happy Chinese New Year - "Year of the Pig"
Happy Chinese New Year - "Year of the Rooster"
Herbal Medicine - "Antioxidant Activity of 45 Chinese Herbs and the Relationship with their TCM Characteristics"
Herbal Medicine - "How a Traditional Chinese Doctor Prescribes Herbal Formula"
Herbal Medicine - "Aloe Barbadensis (Lu hui)"
Herbal Medicine - "Understanding Chinese Herbs"
Insomnia - "Overcoming Insomnia"
Insomnia - "10 Tips For a Sound Sleep"
Men's Health - "Erectile Dysfunction"
Men's Health -
"Is There a Male Menopause"
Men's Health -
"Prostate Health and TCM"
Menopause - "Alternative Therapy for Menopausal Women"
Menopause - "Enjoy Your 'Second Spring' During Menopause"
Menopause - "Researcher Studying Effects of Acupuncture on Hot Flashes"
Menopause - "TCM for Menopausal Symptoms"
Mold - "The Difficult Problem of Mold Infestation"
Mold - "The Difficult Problem of Mold Infestation Part II - A""
Multiple Sclerosis - "Multiple Sclerosis (MS)"
Multiple Sclerosis - "Chinese Medicine Mitigates the Pain, Swelling and Weakness of Multiple Sclerosis"
News - "ACAOM Request for Comments"
News - "Acupuncture Students Receive Complementary Health Scholarships"
News - " Launches Points"
News - "An Open Letter to the Oriental Medicine Community"
News - "Bill Would Require Insurance to Cover Acupuncture in California"
News - "Deputy District Attorney Turned Acupuncturist: “Our Lifestyle and Medical System Must Change”
News - "Getting Our Money's Worth"
News - "Herbal Product Websites May Be Misleading"
News - "Japanese Pet Owners Turn to Acupuncture"
News - "Kentucky Passes First Acupuncture Law"
News - "Michigan Employers Have More Options for Alternative Health Care Benefits"
News - "National Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Day Aims to Educate Consumers about Benefits of Using Certified Practitioners"
News - "NOMAA Curriculum Posted for Comment"
News - "Philippine Church Turns to Traditional Cures"
News - "Report from the Fifth World Congress on Qigong"
News - "St. Vincent's Hospital Provides Acupuncture to Rehab Patients"
News - "Support Senate Bill 3546"
News- "Traditional Chinese Medicine For Diabetes Has Scientific Backing"
News - "Western, Eastern Doctors Keep Troops Fit"
Nutrition - "Apples: The Live Longer Fruit"
Nutrition - "Food for Thought"
Nutrition - "Frequently Asked Questions About TCM Diet Therapy"
Nutrition -
"Guide to Holiday Eating"
Nutrition - "Healthy Eating Under the Sun"
Nutrition - "Studies Show Preventive Value of Food Supplements"
Nutrition -
"The Yin-Yang Taoist Concept of Food"
Osteoarthritis - "Osteoarthritis Patients Treated With Acupuncture Show Improvement"
Osteoporosis - "Enhance Bone Health and Prevent Osteoporosis"
Pain - "Pain Management"
Pancreatitis - "A Multifaceted Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Pancreatitis"
Pediatrics - "Chinese Medicine for Pediatric Care"
Pregnancy - "Pregnancy Care with Chinese Medicine"
Pregnancy -
"Health Preservation & Rehabilitation after Pregnancy"
PMS - "A Cure for PMS"
Preventive Medicine - "Acupuncture at Sea"
Preventive Medicine - "Boost Your Chi Naturally"
Preventive Medicine -
"The Health Benefits of Tea"
Preventive Medicine - "Preserve Your Health all Year Long"
Preventive Medicine - "Secrets of Happy Longevity"
Psychology - "Emotional Balance Into Winter"
Qigong - "An Introduction to Medical Qigong"
Recipes - "Cool Off with Delicious Summer Meals"
Recipes - "Recipes for Winter"
Rheumatoid Arthritis - "Dietary Guidelines for Rheumatoid Arthritis"
SAD - "Seasonal Affective Disorder from a TCM Perspective"
SARS - "Special Report on SARS: How You Can Support Your Immune System"
Stress - "7 Ways to Slash Stress""
Stress - "Nervous System Overload"
Stroke - "Different Stokes in the East and the West"
Tai Chi - "Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Stress Management"
Tai Chi - "A T'ai Chi Primer: T'ai Chi Ch'uan Explained"
Toxins -
"About Aluminum"
Toxins - "Avoiding Environmental Toxins"
Toxins -
"Toxins and Your Health"
Veterinary Acupuncture - "Acupuncture for Dogs Gaining Acceptance"
Veterinary Acupuncture - "Veterinary Acupuncture"
Video Review - "The Chinese Acupressure Facelift"
Weight Control - "10 Simple Ways to Control Your Weight"
Weight Control - "To Lose or Manage Your Weight Is"

Women's Health -
"Preventing Miscarriage with Chinese Medicine"

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