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Home > Research > Lung Disease

Effect of laser acupuncture on the pulmonary vascular resistance in Patients with obstructive chronic lung diseases

By Zamotaev IP; Mamontova LI; Zavolovskaia LI; Rudakova OM.  

[Effect of laser acupuncture on the pulmonary vascular resistance in Patients with obstructive chronic lung diseases]

Klinicheskaia Meditsina, 1991 May, 69(5):68-71.
Language: Russian.
(UI: 91311957)
AT: UCLA Biomed W1 KL415
(PE title: Klinicheskaia meditsina)

Abstract: Clinical pattern of the disease, systolic pressure in the pulmonary artery, external respiration, central hemodynamics were assessed in 111 patients (50 with chronic obstructive bronchitis and 61 with bronchial asthma) to study the effect of laser puncture. The treatment course consisted of 10 sessions performed with application of Uzor apparatus in pulse regimen with 890 nm wave length, 1500 Hz frequency and 2 mw mean radiation rate.

The results indicate a positive response to infra-red laser acupuncture evident from improved bronchial patency, enhanced bronchial sensitivity to sympathomimetics, reduced systolic pressure in the pulmonary artery. The promise of the laser puncture is attributed to its separate broncholytic effect and the ability to lower pulmonary vascular resistance.

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